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Christian Dior sunglasses are renowned as the unique fashion designer sunglasses offering high contour products as sunglasses, eyewear, hand bags, watches, lingerie, ties, baby clothing, perfumes to say some. Christian Dior is an ideal brand renowned as a luxury eyewear with innovative designs. Fine crafted plastic and metal frames are the added advantage for Christian Dior brand. These branded sunglasses ensure 100% UVA and UVB protection. All our branded sunglasses are offered with a leather case and the certificate of authenticity.

Christian Dior is an ideal sunglasses brand that makes use of high quality sunglasses accessories and pay much attention in detail for maintaining the quality of the material used for shading and designing various Sunglasses.

Christian Dior sunglasses are integrated by keeping in mind, the current trend, fashion and glamour. Authentic Christian Dior sunglasses are well known and used by famous celebrities in Hollywood only for its craftsmanship that remain unchanged, even in the changing conditions.

Christian Dior sunglasses are manufactured using lightweight and high technology materials. Designer sunglasses are available with us in different colors, frames and in various lenses as polarized lenses, mirror lenses, photo chromic lenses, gradient lenses and many more with 100% UV protection.

Designer Christian Dior sunglasses leading its way with modern youth inspired designs to suit their contemporary lifestyles. The sophisticated ophthalmic frames of Christian Dior are said to be the hottest collection in the sunglass industry.

Christian Dior offer an elegant line of fashion sunglasses and also renowned as the provider of best couture sunglasses in the world. Christian Dior sunglasses offer style and fashion with unique designs for men, women, unisex, guys and girls. Christian Diors unisex sunglasses provide a contemporary look for both men and women. The fore front of the Christian Dior sunglasses is flat. These minute differences bring them a great response and are said to be the statement of fashion.

Choose a best designer sunglass store and convey your fashion sense to your friends. It is advised to make a better survey through authentic online collection and select a pair that best suits for you. in USA offer up to date collection of designer Christian Dior sunglasses chic in colors and designs.

Some elegant features of Christian Dior fashion sunglasses
These fashion shades are light in weight
Elegant look
Suits for any type of occasion
Specialized in manufacturing fashion Christian Dior sunglasses for women
Designer frames
Multiples of shades
A wide variety of lenses
100% UVA as well as UVB protection
Designer unisex sunglasses

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Authentic dior sunglasses

Authentic dior sunglasses

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Dior Sunglass – The Essence of Haute Couture

Dior Sunglass – The Essence of Haute Couture

Christian Dior was born 1905 in a small town called Grenville in France. Dior always had a passion for sketching and fashion and was forced to move to the Soviet Union following the death of his mother and his brother. A friend of his helped him start his career sketching dresses and hats in attempt to make money.

In 1941 when Christian Dior was out of the military he moved back to Paris and he joined another designer by the name of Lucien Lelong. Dior stayed with him until 1946 when he decided to branch out on his own and began designing independently under his own name. Dior's first show was 90 outfits that were worn by just six female models. Dior went from strength to strength and was ultimately responsible for bringing back feminine clothing with soft rounded shapes and full flowing skirts and dresses. He wanted women to feel beautiful and he named this collection the COROLLE which is also known as the ring of petals collection.

The products by the Christian Dior brand completely represent the essence of Haute Couture. Synonymous with high fashion, Christian Dior sunglasses are one of the hot accessories to be seen in by the most notorious of fashion icons and celebrities. The Dior brand is one of the most influential of the late 1940’s and 1950’s and is aimed at people who regard fashion as a way of conveying their personality and even their social status. Dior sunglasses are made for the style conscious and for those who always like to look polished, with a high end look. They make an incredible style statement and combine practicality and function with a striking and feminine aesthetic.

The range of Dior sunglasses are beautiful and comprise of designs predominantly for women. The collection features an array of frames and lens tints including oversized sunglasses, classic, wraparound and visor shades with a sportier but ultra glamorous edge. Some Dior sunglasses are retro in appearance with white to gold coloured frames for example. Colour is a strong focal point in the collection with pretty tones such as pink, white, gold, deep brown as well as stunning colour combinations making for an extremely feminine look. Some Dior sunglasses also feature brown tinted lenses which creates a sophisticated 70’s feel. Pattern is also a common aesthetic feature, with some of the sportier styles incorporating patterns or the Dior logo on the arms including diamante embellishments for that typical Dior glamour! The brand perfectly carries its own unique flair and is instantly recognisable.

Christian Dior is a brand that is a favourite among many fashionistas and celebrities. Those who adore the Dior style include Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Angelina Jolie to name only a few. Whilst a piece of clothing by the brand can be somewhat expensive, a pair of Dior sunglasses offer that same exquisite style at a reasonable price that makes them an investment accessory that will look great with a variety of looks and last for seasons to come. Dior shades in addition to high quality manufacturing and function are also heavily geared towards the wonderful feeling of owning an iconic accessory that will always remain at the top end of the fashion scale. Christian Dior sunglasses are definitely the perfect fashion accessory for those who value style and want to create a statement look.

Dior Sunglasses - Iconic Sunglasses For Every Season

Dior Sunglasses - Iconic Sunglasses For Every Season

There is hardly anyone who can refute the fact that Christian Dior sunglasses are among the most successful brands in as far as face fashion is concerned. In addition to being veritable pieces of eye protection, these sunglasses have emerged as a signature of both power and seduction regardless of whether it is in the modern day or in the yester years of fashion. Christian Dior sunglasses have been donned by the who's who of the society, ranging from past stars like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis, to modern day icons like Beyonce Knowles, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, and the ever-green Madonna. Over the years, Christian Dior sunglasses have taken interesting shapes and featured equally captivating shades and colours. Currently in vogue are the aviator styles as well as large lens types.

These two varieties are such that they are tamed or repressed in colour although still managing to be fashionably interesting. Three varieties are currently at the core of the Christian Dior sunglasses range. These include the Dior Air 1s, the Dior Glossy 1/S, and the Dior Heart Core/S. The first in this sequence bear gradient tinting and come in four lens colours options including burgundy, brown/gray, bronze, and gray. The second varieties are quite large in design and have lenses and frames in the four different shades aforementioned. The last in the list are quite eye-catching. They feature shiny components and can either have pink or understated black lenses.

With the Christian Dior sunglasses having achieved phenomenal success and popularity, the firm and the faithful clientele have been forced to reckon with a huge problem - the fact that numerous fakes have found their way into the market. So good are these imitators that it has become quite a difficulty to distinguish between a pair of genuine Christian Dior sunglasses and a pair that is simply a clone. Not to worry though, this problem seems to have been solved through the presence of online stores. With a number of clicks it is now possible for Dior fans all over the world, male or female, to acquire a genuine pair of their favourite eye accessories. Most of these online stores offer potential buyers the ultimate shopping experience by virtue of the fact that the diverse ranges of Christian Dior sunglasses have been conveniently categorized.

There are three main categories which buyers can make use of. The first has to do with lens type. Basically, all the types available guarantee the wearer total protection against UVA and UVB sun rays. Buyers can specifically choose from gradient, photochromic, mirror, and polarized lens types. In terms of frames, Christian Dior sunglasses offer transparent, gold on white, glossy, silver on black, and Havana options among others. Lastly, buyers can choose based on frame fonts and lens quality types.

Any person that wears a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses instantly achieves an unmistakable fashion sense - it's not just about eye protection. This description is carried over even into the more formal Christian Dior sunglasses. All the sunglasses from this great house of fashion seem to drift into a world of glamour and ornamentation.

Designer Inspired Christian Dior Sunglasses Have Cool Features

Designer Inspired Christian Dior Sunglasses Have Cool Features

Christian Dior sunglasses are one of the most coveted designer fashion sunglasses on the market. As with everything that Christian Dior creates, the workmanship on their glasses is pure perfection. And for people who wear prescription glasses, with interchangeable lenses you can still have the pleasure of wearing these fashionable sunglasses.nnWhen you wear your Christian Dior glasses, just know that everyone will recognize the classic design of your designer shades. Christian Dior, makes both men and women's eyewear and they recognize the necessity of including lenses that can be changed so people can have their own prescription put into the frames.

That is much more convenient than having to attach clip on glasses to your sunglasses.nnFor people who wear prescription eye glasses finding a great pair of shades can be quite a task. They can't just choose a fashionable pair of sunglasses and walk out the store with them. People who wear prescription eye glasses need to have their prescription put into their sunglasses.

That is why people who have to wear prescription sunglasses wear interchangeable lenses. But with Dior their prescription can be made into the frames used by designer.nnIf your optician doesn't carry Christian Dior eyewear, don't worry it is not a big deal because you can order them on line. It is very simple to order them on line, just choose the frames you want along with your prescription and you will receive your sunglasses back in no time.

Dior also offers the option of adding polarized lenses in your sunglasses for added protection from the sun. So remember just because you wear prescription glasses, don't think you can't purchase sunglasses that are fashionable and stylish. Dior offers a large selection of sunglasses that are sure to suit even the pickiest shopper.

The Honeymoon makes purchasing replica Dior Sunglasses on line cost effective, highly secure and comfortable by providing you with a great selection of vintage, over sized, celebrity, 80's and designer inspired sunglasses at great prices. If you are looking for a great pair of sunglasses visit The Honeymoon and browse their great select

The Honeymoon offers vintage, celebrity, oversized aviator sunglasses and many other sunglasses styles and celebrity accessories at great prices. Visit The Honeymoon and sign up for the newsletter to receive $5 off of your first purchase.

How to Buy Dior Sunglasses - Online Buy Tips

How to Buy Dior Sunglasses - Online Buy Tips

Dior is one of those names most of us are familiar with. Christian Dior, the designer, has been a trailblazer in mens and womens fashion for decades, specializing in everything from designer fashion to sunglasses. If you've set your heart on a pair of Dior Sunglasses, it's definitely worth getting a bit of a primer on buying Dior accessories. Below, we offer the best tips on finding just the right Dior sunglasses for your needs:

First, you all want to make sure the trendy pair of sunglasses you have your eye on are actually made by Christian Dior. There are so many rip-offs in the world of designer fashion and accessories, that you must always give the item in question a thorough perusal. Genuine women's Dior Sunglasses will typically carry a large 'D' on the side of each sunglass arm. You can check that genuine men's Dior sunglasse will have a 'Dior' engraved on each side of the sunglasses.

If you are looking for the widest selection of Dior sunglasses for your next pair, make sure to shop not only Dior stores, but also flagship Dior stores. All the major cities around the world typically have a Dior flagship store, but make sure to do an online search to find out which ones do and where they are located.

Another way to locate your next pair of Dior Sunglasses , and ensure that they offer a wide selection of authentic Dior pairs; is to visit authorized dealers of Dior. You'll find quite a few of the better stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue will have them in stock, but it's well worth doing doing a search online to find who has the widest stocks. If the company is legitimate it will state that it is an authorized dealer for Dior.

To get the best deals you really need to search online; it'll take time but it'll really pay dividends, to find discounted or discontinued Dior sunglasses. If you're buying online just be sure that you're buying from a reputable dealer. Do everything you can to make sure your online seller is the real deal by searching online for negative feedback and comments.

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